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2017-18 NASFAA Annual Training Materials
Date published:2018
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Annual Training Materials for States and Regions

The NASFAA Annual Training Task Force is pleased to provide the 2017-18 Training Materials for Regions and States. This year's topic is SAR Comment Codes 2017-18. The Instructor's Guide (IG), and Participant Handout are PDF documents, and the Slideshow is a PowerPoint presentation. You may reproduce and distribute the Participant Handouts as long as the NASFAA copyright information is retained on the materials.

The workshop identifies the common database match Student Aid Report (SAR) comment codes that may be assigned to a student, explains possible reasons the comment codes exists, and provides examples of corrective action the student and/or school must take to resolve the situation so a student is not prevented from receiving additional Title IV aid.

These materials are available free of charge to NASFAA members.

Please note that you have seven days from the time of purchase to retrieve the training materials.

Training Materials