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2017 NASFAA Benchmarking Report
Number of pages:48 pages
Date published:2017
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2017 NASFAA Benchmarking Report: Key factors that impact financial aid office salaries, staff size, administrative capacity, and campus relations.

To help campuses, the 2017 NASFAA Staffing Model Report summarizes key characteristics that affect financial aid offices. Since these reports were first published in 1995, thousands of NASFAA members have used them to establish staffing benchmarks and make the case for increases. Where possible, this report shows trends in data overtime. The report is divided into three sections:

Salary: Which examines median and average salaries by various demographics, including gender, title, years of employment, as well as NASFAA region and institutional sector.

Staffing: Which examines areas such as operations, budget, automation, and student satisfaction.

Campus Relations: Which examines areas such as FAO reporting structure, alignment with institutional goals, and support received from other offices.

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